This project has received funding

from the European Union’s Horizon 2020

research and innovation programme

under grant agreement No 784040


Offshore Structures

Design and Project Management

Offshore Structures

Simulation of Hydrodynamic Behaviour

Hydraulic Infrastructure Works

From concept to construction design

Water Resources Management

Water balance and Water quality resource management

Dam Break and Flood Wave Generation

Simulation of Wave Generation and propagation under 3D fluid analysis

Canals and Weirs

Complex simulations of 3D Flow

Hydraulic and In-line structures

Fluid behaviour simulation around the structure

Flood Protection

Hydrological Calculation and Hydraulic Design for Flood Protection

Marine Simulations

Ship, Hull, Bow and Tugging CFD Simulations

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Committed to Innovation & Built on Experience

ΕΤΜΕ specializes in design and management of engineering works
and innovations through Floatmast Ltd


Consulting and Management

Consulting and Management

ETME highly experienced engineering team provides advice and support for the development and realization of new projects. ETME has an extensive history of performing consulting services to a variety of clients, both in Public and Private Sector, for example it was the Technical Support Consultant for the Olympic Projects 2004 and the development and standardization of national cost estimates for public works.

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ETME has an extensive history of performing hydraulic and ocean engineering services to clients. Also our consistency to the technological progress and scientific developments, drive us to invest in state of the art simulation software, that combined with our experts, provide credible solutions for small, medium, and large-scale projects.

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ETME, based on its 45 years of experience, provides all of the engineering and design services required for the implementation of projects in its business areas as hydraulics and hydrology, coastal and offshore, Environmental Impact Studies, Land Surveys and Geotechnical Investigations.

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