about etme

For more than 40 years we have been sharing our experience and expertise in all phases of major engineering projects, from initial design to final construction drawings and management of the construction process.

ETME founded and still managed by engineers, it has been active since 1980 in the field of engineering. ETME has expertise in all phases of big engineering projects, from the initial design through the final construction drawings and the management of the construction process. ETME has years of experience in hydro engineering, system engineering and innovation management, undertaking major national projects in sectors such as water, defence & security, offshore and energy. In whatever it does, it guarantees the finest quality, the quickest turnaround, and the best outcomes.
mission &

Our strong foundation is a half-century long experience in engineering design of heavy infrastructure works in the water and sea environment. Our future is aiming at disruptive innovation in the blue economy and in Defence and Security.
We are an SME, founded on the 70’s in Greece with an initial focus on water and environmental infrastructure projects design. Since then, we have been involved in most of the major national engineering challenges in Greece, from the irrigation needs of the 70s, to the droughts of the 90’s, to the Olympic Games and the floods of the 10’s. From 2010 onwards, we get involved in disruptive innovation in the marine space, with a major breakthrough in min-TLP offshore design, by creating FloatMast®, the world’s first floating met mast. At the birth of collaborative European Defence under EDIDP and EDF EU initiatives, we became a pioneer in European collaborative projects in the Defence and Security domains. We hold patents on its IPRs and seek steadily collaboration with competent partners for the development and exploitation of our innovation portfolio.

Our vision is to provide products and services towards a greener planet while preserving and protecting our National and European identities and way of life. Our mission is to serve the vision by the development of innovations and engineering services in the blue economy.

quality assurance
TUV Nord ISO 9001

ETME has been using an integrated Quality Management System – Requirements ISO 9001:2015 for 14 years now, in compliance with TUV HELLAS (TUV NORD) S.A auditing and certification processes and is subject to regular surveillance audits.

ETME, in particular, uses this management system in accordance with the aforementioned standard for the following purposes:

  • Hydraulic Research
  • Environmental Research
  • Harbor and Coastal Research
  • Land Surveying Research
  • Structural Design Research
  • Consultation Services
  • Design of Floating Structures – Project Management

ETME also holds an Industrial Safety Certificate, as mandated by the National Industrial Safety Regulation (EKBA, Government Gazette B 4071/22-9-2020), which is applicable to any economic operator seeking access to National Classified Information – Materials.

Our company is able to participate in public tenders, organize / co-organize exhibitions, which as a prerequisite require the possession of a “Security Classification,” and the company is registered in the Ministry of National Defence’s “Register of Certified Companies.”

Our Quality Management System is a critical component in the planning and execution of projects. Using a Certified Quality Management System, ETME seeks international recognition for its operations in accordance with legislative requirements, market trends, and client requirements, with the ultimate goal of operating each Project in a way that benefits its users and respects both people and the environment.

the team

Ioannis Peppas

Ioannis Peppas, President of ETME, completed his studies in Hydraulic Engineering at the Polytechnic Academy of the University of Rome and went on to complete further studies in France as a French government hydraulics scholar. Ioannis holds a Class C degree in Hydraulic Works and Surveying Project Studies. He is the manager and official representative of ETME.

Ioannis has experience in coordinating and leading studies on a number of hydraulic works projects, such as improving the water supply to Athens from Lake Yliki, managing water resources from the basins of the Kifisos River and Lakes Yliki and Paralimni, and the water supply works for the greater Volos area. He has served in various consulting roles on several projects, such as water supply works for the Olympic Games projects, flood protection and prevention projects, and drafting cost estimates. In addition, as a result of his pursuit of projects that are financed by the Council of Europe Social Development Fund, he has knowledge of national and EU frameworks for state projects.

Antonis Peppas


Antonis Peppas, CEO of ETME, is steering the company for more than a decade, through transition from a traditional civil engineering environmental works SME to a disruptive innovation company. Antonios studied civil hydro engineering in NTUA and hydrology and environmental management in Imperial College London.

He has been involved in feasibility, design and construction supervision of large national scale civil engineering infrastructure works. For the last 15 years he has been also active in the Renewables in PVs, Biodiesel and since 2012 in offshore Wind through his invention FloatMast, a floating platform for wind measurements, developed and manufactured totally in Greece.

Dimitrios Sarakatsianos

Executive Vice President of Innovation, Technology and Strategy

Dimitrios is a researcher in Moving Image and Interactive Media (State Diploma in Cinema and Television Directing, HCTSS, BA in Film Production and Media Theory, CUNY Hunter College, PGDip Electronic Arts and Interactive Design, Middlesex University). 

His area of expertise is Moving Image, Cognitive Theory and Oculomotor Behaviour. He has also completed the BA curriculum in Pure Mathematics and Physics (CUNY, Hunter College). For 8 years he was a post graduate researcher at the Lansdown Centre of Electronic Arts (Middlesex University), including two years as a Greek State Scholarships Foundations fellow. Moreover, he has worked for three years as a private academic writing consultant in the areas of Maritime Engineering and Ship Management. Finally, Dimitrios has also served in the Defence Deputy Minister’s Press and Public Relation Office of the Greek Ministry of Defence.

Dionysis Tzarellas

Chief Financial Officer

Dionysis successfully completed a PhD in the field of Political Sociology. He holds a master’s degree in Philosophy and History of Science and Technology with a focus on industrial-technological revolutions, from the National Technical University of Athens. He also holds a BA degree on Business Administration from the University of Piraeus. 

He has more than eighteen years of experience in the private sector, as an independent financial-investment consultant and as a Business Executive. From 2018-2021 he has been contracted as an assistant Professor at the Technical University of Crete, teaching social and economic sciences to engineers of all specialties focusing on economic-organizational models and their environmental-social impacts. The last two years he is teaching social and economic sciences at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Rodanthi Limnaiou

Director  |  Hydro Engineering Business Unit

Rodanthi is a Civil Engineer (MSc – National Technical University of Athens) – Specialization in Hydraulic Engineering.  She has approximately 30 years of experience in design-study and provision of consulting services in matters of hydraulic and environmental interest. She participated as an essential member of the Technical Consultant’s Group for the Olympic Projects 2004, for the construction of anti-flooding works throughout the Greek Territory, for the construction of projects for the settlement of the Eschatia stream. She participated in the important Research Programs “DEUCALION – Estimation of flood flows” and “FloatMast – Offshore Wind Farms”. She has significant experience in matters of hydraulic modeling and application of European directives 2007/60 and 2000/60. She has attended numerous engineering conferences. She has been elected as a Member of the Board of the Association of Hydraulic Engineers.

Tzanetos Smyrnis

Deputy Director  |  Hydro Engineering Business Unit

Tzanetos is a Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineer (MSc – National Technical University of Athens), with postgraduate studies and specialization in Water Resources Engineering Management (MSc in Water Resources Engineering Management – University of Glasgow, U.K.). 

 He has 15 years of experience in the preparation of Hydraulic/Hydrological, Surveying, Environmental, Cadastral Studies and in the provision of Consulting Engineer Services. He actively participated in the “Floatmast blue-Offshore Wind Farms” Research Program and has participated in the conduction of important hydraulic and surveying studies (e.g. MASTERPLAN of Attica Flood Control Projects). He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Property Owners of Greece.  

Dimitrios Tsakalomatis

Director | Offshore Engineering Business Unit

Dimitrios  is a civil engineer, graduate of the National Technical University of Athens. He has been part of ETME since 2010 and currently holds the position of Director of Offshore Engineering Business Unit. 

He has over 15 years working experience in the field of the hydrodynamics, hydraulics, offshore and port engineering. He took part in the preparation of many hydraulic and port studies and was a member of the team, providing technical advisory services in technical subjects for various areas of the State Agency. His extensive knowledge in the above mathematical models and especially in Computational Fluid Dynamics, is proven in many studies as the “Break Analysis of Platanovryssi Dam” (PPC SA, 2015), the Hydrological DEUCALION Project and many more. Also, he was a key member of the FloatMastBlue Project, as he was the key engineer of the FloatMast floating platform hydrodynamic behavior. 

Christos Tsiareas

Director  |  Defence & Security Business Unit

Christos is a Systems Engineer (BSc Computer Science – NCUA, MSc Electrical & Electronic Engineering – University of Bradford). He has over 30 years of engineering and engineering management experience in the specification, design, development, and integration of multiple airborne, maritime and land defence system-of-systems and platforms, tactical data links (Link 11, Link 16, Link 22) and simulators. Before joining ETME, he has spent 2 years in draft service as a System Programmer and Analyst in the Greek Defence Forces Codification Centre, more than 17 years as a Software Engineer, Group Manager, Systems Engineering Director and Technical Director for ISI Hellas S.A (currently Scytalys) and 10 years as the Chief Engineer for the Airborne Electronic Reconnaissance System Program, successfully delivering two (2) Mission-Ready SIGINT AC to the End User.