The project concerns the assessment and management of flood risks in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2007/60/EC. The purpose of the Directive is the establishment of management measures and their implementation with the aim of reducing flood risks and mitigating their effects on human health, economic activities, the environment and cultural heritage.

The project aims at the following: the Improvement of the topographical data of the soil and the production of a high digital soil model, the Preparation of Flood Risk Maps in the Potentially High Flood Risk Zones, the Completion and submission of the EEA databases related to the 1st Revision of  Flood Risk Maps and Flood Risk Maps, the Updating, operation and maintenance of a web site that includes a geospatial data portal for all deliverables and the 14 Water Divisions, the Preparation of Draft Flood Risk Management Plans and formulation of Measures Programs, the Preparation identification and assessment of the impact on the environment from the implementation of the Programs of Measures to achieve the management of flood risks.