The object of the project is the 2nd Revision of the River Basin Management Plans of the Water Divisions of Attica (EL06) and Eastern Central Greece (EL07) in accordance with the specifications of Directive 2000/60/EC, pursuant to Law 3199/2003, as amended and valid, and of PD 51/ 2007.

Indicatively, the project concerns :i) Updating the definition and characterization of surface (rivers, lakes, transitional and coastal) and underground water systems, ii) Updating the assessment/classification of the state/potential of surface (ecological, chemical), , iii) Re-evaluation of the surface water systems that show significant hydromorphological modifications, in order to determine those that constitute particularly modified and artificial water systems, iv) Update of the list of significant pressures v) Update of the Register of Protected Areas, vi) Elaboration of the Strategic Environmental Impact Study (SEIS) for the identification, description and evaluation of environmental impacts, vii) Covering the country’s obligations in relation to the submission of the required data to the EU regarding the 2nd Review of Water Management Plans, also through the electronic system WISE (Water Information System for Europe), in accordance with the specifications of the European Environment Agency.

15 river water bodies