It is a study which constitutes one of the two main regional anti-flooding projects of the greater Thessaloniki area (the second is the Peripheral Ditch) draining the entire drainage basin from the west, but also from the northeast. In the Dendropotamos catchment area, significant and extensive flooding has occurred and continues to occur for many years, also a result of the failure of the city’s existing drainage system during periods of extreme flooding.

The aim of the project is the study of the required anti-flood protection projects E.P. Thessaloniki with settlement projects in the hydrological basins of the river Dendropotamos and its associated streams, streams in the Municipalities of: Oreokastro (north), Delta, Kordelio-Evosmou, Pavlou Mela, Ampelokipon-Menemeni and Thessaloniki. The above study, which concerns the required flood protection and settlement projects of the river and the associated streams, includes: the hydrological study, the study of stream settlement and demarcation projects, the control of stream drainage, the study of pumping station projects, the hydraulic study of a microtunnel, the drainage checks, the study of road crossing techniques and the confluence of streams, the studies of storm drains and finally the updating of existing studies. The settlement alternatives provided are acceptable from a technical, urban, economic, social and environmental point of view and in accordance with the Flood Risk Management Plan.