It constitutes the Strategic Plan of Flood Protection Projects for the whole of the Water Division of Attica.

It is related to the implementation of Measures resulting from the implementation of the European Directive 2007/60, as it was implemented in Greece.


The presentation and management of the geospatial data created within the framework of the Master Plan, is carried out through the Geoportal created, which presents cartographically all the information collected and digitized within the framework of this contract.

A single database was created, with direct entry and management of data provided in a similar way (open standards based on INSPIRE and OGC directives).

The implementation of the Master Plan will be done by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (M.I.T.) or the Regions, and after its finalization, it should be taken into account by all agencies whose projects are involved in flood protection, so that their projects are harmonized with the implemented general anti-flood planning of each region.