Application of European Directives

The European Union, understanding the importance of protecting and preserving the water environment in the Community, proceeded to form a Framework Directive that will establish the basic principles of a sustainable water policy in the European Union.

The European Union has since the beginning of the year 2000 a new policy for the management of water resources. The main tool for promoting the new policy is the Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.

The Directive for the establishment of a framework for Community action in the field of water policy or otherwise the Water Framework Directive, after a long period of discussions and negotiations between the Member States of the European Union, entered into force on 22 December 2000. The Directive combines qualitative, ecological and quantitative objectives for the protection of aquatic ecosystems and the good status of all water resources and sets as a central idea their integrated management at the geographical scale of the River Basins. In addition, it redefines the concept of Watershed, which includes inland surface (rivers, lakes), groundwater, transitional (deltas, estuaries) and coastal ecosystems.

Directive 2007/60/EC established the framework for the assessment and management of flood risks with the aim of reducing the negative consequences on human health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activities. The Directive has been incorporated into the National Law with the K.Y.A. H.P. 31822/1542/Ε103/2010 (Government Gazette Β’ 1108/21.07.2010) as amended and in force with Government Decree 177772/924 (Government Gazette Β΄2140/22.06.2017).

1st revision of management plans of river drainage basins of the 14 water divisions of the country

In accordance with the specifications of directive 2000/60/ekt. GR 06) and eastern mainland Greece (GR 07)

The project concerns the “protection and management of water – Harmonization with Directive 2000/60/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of October 23, 2000. More specifically, the project concerns the definition of forty-five (45) River Basins, the which fall under fourteen (14) River Basin Areas (corresponding to the term Water Divisions of Article 3 of PD 51/2007), and the determination of the competent or co-competent Regions for each River Basin.

The object of the project was the creation of a plan which will include the measures required for the protection and management of water, improving the quality of the aquatic environment, dealing with the pollution of aquatic ecosystems and ensuring the sustainable use of water, as well as the specific measures that ensure the continuous monitoring of the qualitative and quantitative state of the waters.

15 river water bodies

  • 1 reservoir
  • 14 coastal water bodies
  • 24 underground water bodies
  • 81 river water bodies
  • 3 natural lakes
  • 19 coastal water bodies
  • 45 underground water bodies
  • 5 artificial water bodies

2nd revision of the river drainage basin

Management plans of the water divisions of Attica (EL06) and eastern mainland Greece (EL07)

The object of the project is the 2nd Revision of the River Basin Management Plans of the Water Divisions of Attica (EL06) and Eastern Central Greece (EL07) in accordance with the specifications of Directive 2000/60/EC, pursuant to Law 3199/2003, as amended and valid, and of PD 51/ 2007.

Indicatively, the project concerns :i) Updating the definition and characterization of surface (rivers, lakes, transitional and coastal) and underground water systems, ii) Updating the assessment/classification of the state/potential of surface (ecological, chemical), , iii) Re-evaluation of the surface water systems that show significant hydromorphological modifications, in order to determine those that constitute particularly modified and artificial water systems, iv) Update of the list of significant pressures v) Update of the Register of Protected Areas, vi) Elaboration of the Strategic Environmental Impact Study (SEIS) for the identification, description and evaluation of environmental impacts, vii) Covering the country’s obligations in relation to the submission of the required data to the EU regarding the 2nd Review of Water Management Plans, also through the electronic system WISE (Water Information System for Europe), in accordance with the specifications of the European Environment Agency.

15 river water bodies

  •  1 reservoir
  •  14 coastal water bodies
  •  24 underground water bodies
  •  81 river water bodies
  •  3 natural lakes
  •  19 coastal water bodies
  •  45 underground water bodies
  •  5 artificial water bodies

1st revision of flood risk management

Plans of river drainage basins of the water divisions of Attica, eastern mainland Greece and Aegean islands

The project concerns the assessment and management of flood risks in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2007/60/EC. The purpose of the Directive is the establishment of management measures and their implementation with the aim of reducing flood risks and mitigating their effects on human health, economic activities, the environment and cultural heritage.

The project aims at the following: the Improvement of the topographical data of the soil and the production of a high digital soil model, the Preparation of Flood Risk Maps in the Potentially High Flood Risk Zones, the Completion and submission of the EEA databases related to the 1st Revision of  Flood Risk Maps and Flood Risk Maps, the Updating, operation and maintenance of a web site that includes a geospatial data portal for all deliverables and the 14 Water Divisions, the Preparation of Draft Flood Risk Management Plans and formulation of Measures Programs, the Preparation identification and assessment of the impact on the environment from the implementation of the Programs of Measures to achieve the management of flood risks.