This project has received funding

from the European Union’s Horizon 2020

research and innovation programme

under grant agreement No 784040


Floatmast Data

Floating TLP met mast at Makronisos

Data timestamp (UTC time): 26/03/21 00:00

Wind speed at 42m height: 0.2 [m/s]
Wind speed backup sensor: 0.2 [m/s]
Wind Direction at 40m height: 272.4 [deg]
Wind Direction backup sensor: 272.0 [deg]
Atmospheric pressure: 1021.3 [hPa]
Relative humidity: 0.0 [%]
Air temperature at 36m height: -30.0 [degC]

Sea temperature: 8.0 [degC]
Significant Wave Height: -1000.0 [m]
Maximum Wave Height: -1000.0 [m]
Peak Wave Period: -1000.0 [sec]

All are 10min-averaged values, uploaded every hour.
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