The scope of the project concerns the settlement projects of the upstream part of Eschatia, from the confluence of the Eupyridon pipeline to Parnithos Avenue with the aim of anti-flood protection in the area.
project specs
 The downstream part of the Eschatia river, from the estuary at Kifissos to the confluence of the Epyridon pipeline, has been constructed. The proposed settlement projects of the upstream part of Eschatia include: i) Settlement projects of the Eschatia stream, from the junction of the Eupyridon pipeline, where the adjustment will be made to the already constructed section, to Parnithos Avenue, 4,830 m long, with configuration closed rectangular cross-section, using shaft piles or micropiles in sections, where it has been deemed necessary due to the proximity to existing structures, ii) Arrangement projects of the contributing Picrodafneza stream, 1,500 m long. iii) Arrangement projects of the contributing Agios Georgios stream, 170 m long. iv) Redevelopment projects above the closed bed of the Eschatia stream.

With the implementation of the proposed project, the anti-flood protection of the entire catchment area of the Eschatia stream will be completed as the project is in full harmony with the existing projects of the downstream section (from the confluence of the Eupyridon pipeline to the estuary in the Kifissos river).

In summary, with the implementation of the project, the benefits that will arise are the following:
i) The protection of human life from flooding phenomena,
ii) The protection of movable and immovable private and public property (avoidance of damage from flooding phenomena in homes, commercial, industrial, agricultural holdings, public infrastructures, utility networks, etc.).
iii) The upgrading of the quality of life and the strengthening of the sense of security of the residents and users of the area, in terms of their political protection from natural hazards. Redevelopment projects will also contribute to the upgrading of the quality of life,
iv) The upgrading of the commercial value (surplus value) of land-properties that are currently located within zones with a high degree of flood risk,
v) The prevention of Public Sector expenses related to compensations to flood victims and the corresponding prevention of the costly mobilizations of the Civil Protection Mechanism and Public Welfare Organizations,
vi) The protection of the National Cultural Heritage with the anti-flood shielding of the sites of archaeological interest.