The study object is related to the preparation of the required studies at the stage of preliminary study and final study of a part of the overall external aqueduct of the Havria dam (Havria Aqueduct).
project specs
Specifically, it is related to the study of a rectangular water transfer canal from the distribution tank of the MYHE of the Havria dam to the distribution tank of the Water Treatment Facilities (WTP), in the study of a cross-sectional hydraulic tunnel, in the study of 67.4 km of pipelines, in the study of six  reservoirs, in the study of ten (10) pumping stations along the network and one  pumping station in the WTPs. The proposed project was aimed at covering part of the future water supply needs of the respective areas with 13,200,000 m3. This management will reduce the annual volume of water taken for water supply from springs and boreholes from 8,143,615 m3 today to 5,770,000 m3 in the year 2040. 

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flow discharge



The project is part of a wider goal, namely the water supply of the Sithonia region, Kassandra, Polygyros, Ormylia and Pyrgadikia with the water of the reservoir of Havria.

According to the proposed projects, water is supplied from the distribution tank of the Havria NPP to the refineries (EEN) through 400 m canals and a 500 m hydraulic tunnel downstream of the Havria Dam.