Recommends a Strategic Plan of Flood Protection Projects for the Water Department of Attica.
project specs
 The project is of particular importance for the State, as it will contribute decisively to addressing flood risks and formulating new proposals for additional projects and interventions for a more satisfactory Flood Protection.

It is related to the implementation of the measures regarding (a) Drafting of Strategic Plans (Master Plan) for Flood Protection Projects and (b) Creation of a National Database of Technical Data for Flood Protection Projects, which belong to the categories of protection and prevention measures, respectively, of the Basin Flood Risk Management Plan River Drainage System of the FD of Attica, which is an application of the European Directive 2007/60.

The aim of the project is: i) to form a clear and complete picture of the current situation and the problems that exist regarding flood protection, as well as to derive the required planning and priorities of studies and construction projects based on technical, economic, social and environmental criteria at the level of Water Compartment and Catchment Basin, in order to mitigate the consequences of floods in the areas included in the Zones of Potentially High Flood Risk (SDYKP) for a recovery period of T=100 years. The finalization of the project proposals came after a Consultation of the competent bodies.