The study concerns the duties of the EYDE/OE 2004 Technical Support Advisor in the EYDE/OE 2004 Olympic Projects.
project specs
 The Technical Consultant’s services related to the studies and construction of the Olympic projects, with a construction budget of more than 500.00 million euros, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science of Greece 2004. Specifically, the projects concerned the Canoe-Kayak Rowing Center in Schinia, the Center Sailing in Agios Kosmas, Beach Volley and regeneration of the area in Falirikos Ormos, the Archery center in Elliniko and the construction of Olympic facilities in Goudi. The above study concerned all hydraulic works (sewage drainage, water supply, rainwater drainage, anti-flooding works, etc.).

The object of the study was the monitoring and quality control of hydraulic project studies (which were prepared by the researchers of EYDE/OE 2004), the monitoring of the planning of studies and projects and the control of the hydraulic studies (Final and implementation) of the Olympic Games that are submitted for approval at the Service.

Also, the project included the drafting of relevant Control Sheets for the submitted hydraulic studies, the quality control of the materials proposed to be used by the Construction Contractor, the costing of the new works and materials, autopsies in order to resolve issues related to the construction of the respective projects, and finally monitoring and quality control of projects and providing support during construction supervision.