project specs
The USSPs project is a 42-month 19.5 m Euro development defence project awarded to be funded by the EU within the framework of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP), supported by the MoDs of Greece and Cyprus, including by means of co-funding. The USSPs consortium comprises of the 15 EU Primes, Mid-Caps and SME companies and RTOs establishes in 7 EU Member States i.e., Greece, Cyprus, France, Spain, Nederland, Bulgaria, and Ireland. The consortium coordinator is the Greek company ETME.

USSPs “Unmanned Semi-fixed Sea Platforms for Maritime Surveillance” project will improve Maritime Surveillance by developing the backbone of an advance C5ISTAR federated system of systems exploiting unmanned semi-fixed platforms at sea. USSPs will integrate legacy assets and systems with innovative solutions, aiming to improve maritime surveillance capabilities, reduce high value asset utilization and mission related costs, and provide cross-domain persistent and permanent maritime situational awareness. It will develop an unmanned highly autonomous energy efficient and miniaturized oil rig technology-based platform capable to integrate a wide range of air, surface, and underwater sensors. These platforms will enable deployment in any geographical regions, and operation under adverse environmental conditions.

Within this context, one of the project’s high-level objectives is to be integrated within the scope of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) project of Upgrade of Maritim Surveillance (UMS).