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Civil Engineer (1960)

IOANNIS PEPPAS Born in Athens in 1932, Ioannis completed his studies in Hydraulic Engineering at the Polytechnic Academy of the University of Rome from 1954 to 1960 and went on to complete further studies in France as a French government hydraulics scholar from 1964 to 1965. Ioannis holds a Class C degree in Hydraulic Works and Surveying Project Studies. He is the manager and official representative of ETME Peppas & Associates E.E. Ioannis has experience in coordinating and leading studies on a number of hydraulic works projects, such as improving the water supply to Athens from Lake Yliki , managing water resources from the basins of the Kifisos River and Lakes Yliki and Paralimni, and the water supply works for the greater Volos area. He has served in various consulting roles on several projects, such as water supply works for the Olympic Games projects, flood protection and prevention projects, and drafting cost estimates. In addition, as a result of his pursuit of projects that are financed by the Council of Europe Social Development Fund, he has knowledge of national and EU frameworks for state projects. Ioannis has very good knowledge of French and Italian

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